Your Service Name Here

This is also a good place to include any default instructions for contacting the team.


Briefly describe your service and what it does here. Link to other easily accessible information, or other Runbook pages, if easier. This should be a short summary to help others understand the role your service plays.

This section is based on the tools we use at my place of work - adapt to suit of course!

System URL Additional URL
Service Catalogue Link to Service on the SC
Grafana Dashboards Link to 4GS dashboard Link to custom dashboard
Logs in Kibana Link to saved queries Link to visualisations
New Relic Dashboards Link to Client Dashboard Link to Server Dashboard
PagerDuty Link to Service’s open alerts Link to Rota
A/B Testing e.g. Monetate Link to active Experiences
Code Repositories Link to Gitlab Group or Github Projects
Your ITIL Tool if you have to suffer that Link to Group’s open INCs Link to Group’s CHGs

Runbook Sections

(Other runbook pages will automatically populate here, when this template is set as your